Big G excels with Long Reads ….

Nobody does long-read journalism better than the Big G (aka the Guardian). I am bias because I’ve read the paper since college but this story about three daughters killing their bullying brutal father is a brilliant example of storytelling. The format gives  the space and time to delve deeply into Russia’s relationship with domestic violence.  Although I am English where we don’t have the right (thank goodness) to bear arms, this sort of weaponry does sound a tad excessive, even in Putin’s Russia.

Violence, or the threat of it, was a constant presence in their home. Khachaturyan was highly superstitious, and is said to have banned his family from uttering certain everyday words in his presence, believing them to bring bad luck. He installed a camera on the landing outside their apartment to record his children’s comings and goings. In a search of the property after the killing, police confiscated a hammer, a knife, two airguns, a crossbow, a rubber-bullet handgun, a revolver, a hunting rifle, 16 cartridges and 16 spears. In Khachaturyan’s car they also found business cards displaying the logo of Russia’s Federal Security Service, or FSB, and listing the 57-year-old as its employee.

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