Book versus film: LA Confidential

Nobody did intense crime writing like James Ellroy. Many tried but they invariably fell short. His short staccato sentences and battering-ram raps and riffs took no prisoners, even if you haven’t got a clue what was happening with the incredibly complicated narrative. LA Confidential was good but American Tabloid was his masterpiece. He had not slipped yet into the caricature that dogged his most recent efforts like The Cold Six Thousand, Blood’s A River and Perfidia. The movie was brilliant.  James Ellroy said: “The movie is the best thing that happened to me in my career that I had absolutely nothing to do with. It was a fluke — and a wonderful one — and it is never going to happen again — a movie of that quality.” Brilliantly directed, written, casted, acted, especially Kim Bassinger and Russell Crowe. Kevin Spacey was pretty good too.

LA Confidential (James Ellroy) – 8

Film: LA Confidential, 1997 – 9

Director: Curtis Hanson

 Verdict: film win