Book versus film: No Country For Old Men


No Country for Old Men

I watched this glorious Coen western at the old Cornerhouse in Manchester.  Then bought and read the book the next day. The lack of speech marks inspired the original version of the Wicked Games. Brilliantly sparse with very few descriptions, the book that could double as a film treatment (Cormac originally envisaged NCFOM as a screenplay). The world weariness evident in the book contrasts with dominant omnipresent violence of Javier Bardem’s psychopathic Chigurh in the film.  I bet the Coens never expected that to happen when they made the movie.

No Country For Old Men (Cormac McCarthy) — 10

Film: No Country for Old Men, 2007 — 10

Director: The Coen brothers

Verdict: Score Draw