Who wants to be online?

People and small SME businesses who want a simple, affordable website that looks good and complements your social media platforms.

What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is a website building platform and hosting platform. This means you can manage all your website’s needs – from hosting to domain registration and even email marketing – in one place for a monthly or annual fee. The amount you pay depends on the Squarespace tools you want to use.

How much does Squarepace cost?

Squarespace plans start from £10 per month excluding VAT. Click here to see more detail on their pricing page. Please note the cost of domain and hosting is not included in your design package.

What is WordPress

WordPress is an easy-to-use open source platform with a full-blown content management system (CMS) and access to numerous (mostly free) plugins to extend site functionality. A self-hosting platform, WordPress uses themes to apply the design to a site. It’s estimated WordPress now runs HALF of all websites that have a content management system (CMS).

How much does WordPress cost?

WordPress plans start from £100 per month.

How do you charge?

Before a project starts, you pay a 50% deposit. Once the project is live the remaining 50% must be paid. Before paying your deposit we sign a letter of agreement that includes the payment schedule.

Do your prices include VAT?

I am not VAT registered but many third parties (such as Squarespace or your WordPress host) will be!

What support do I get?

Before we launch, we will have another zoom where I walk you through your site and I answer questions you have. You can email about any queries. If you need ongoing management and updating support, this is available too.

What do I need to have ready for the project?

You produce all the content for your website, although I can give you a breakdown of what you need. Ideally a week before work starts on your site, I will have all the words, images, videos, links and call to actions.

What about logos and photography

I can recommend graphic designers and photographers who can work with you. They will charge you directly for their services.

When can you get started?

As soon as you are ready to start and we have had our initial zoom briefing.

Do you offer ongoing comment creation support?

Yes. This can be charged you a project, hourly rate or monthly retainer. This includes managing and updating websites and on-going advice.