Room for franchise and original films and books?

Quentin Tarantino has hit out at franchise and superhero films. In a chat with Deadline magazine he said ‘original movies’ are in a ‘war’ with superhero and Star Wars franchises, echoing Martin Scorsese’s attack on Marvel films.  In the same month, novelist Lee Child handed over his Jack Reacher franchise to his younger brother, a sign that he may not want to write them anymore but he still wants the name – and the money, presumably – to keep rolling on. Other authors are less sentimental, according to the Guardian’s Alison Flood.

Although I personally agree with Quentin and don’t enjoy book series (I used to read Dick Francis as a kid), there is room for both. There is no need to deny fans of franchise fiction and superheroes access to their favourite movies and books, as long as investors still back independents and standalone projects like Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and 1917.