View: Tom Watson thrilling political dietitian wordsmith

Tom Watson was deputy leader of the Labour party who was clearly planning a literary career (alongside his co-writers) while the rest of the Labour Party were fighting an election. I’ve met Tom pre-diet coming out of a lift at a hotel in Liverpool and he was a big unit with a relaxed sense of humour. He’s written a book about his weight loss – and he’s also co-written a political thriller as Alison Flood explains in the Guardian.  Thin Tom is following in the footsteps of the likes of convicted perjurer Jeffrey Archer, Michael Dobbs, Boris Johnson, Chris Mullin and Douglas Hurd who have all penned successful thrillers (unlike Ian Duncan Smith and Anne Widdecombe have also published books). Tom knows all about cold blood ambition and betrayal in his last days as a frontline politician so will the House be autobiographical – and will it mention Nick??