Without Rules

Without Rules is about two damaged, vulnerable people – China and Jak – who do bad things to escape evil. But can the duo justify their own actions because of the depravity of the original unpunished crimes?  Or are they as guilty as the abusers because in reality they are no different from them?

That is moral dilemma at the core theme of Without Rules. At what point can we no longer justify fighting fire with fire, if there ever is a point? This is the themes explored in Without Rules as we follow the traumas facing China and Jak.

The catalyst for China was a friend who testified against her father in an abuse case. Although the prosecution was successful, she can never really escape the consequences of what happened to her. She has to find a way of coping for the rest of her life while he was sentenced to two and half years. 

Although there are no similarities between the real person and China, the damage to both is evident.

The question we have to ask ourselves is how does society protect children and young adults in the future.

The answer is we’re responsible and there is never any excuse to look away.

Silence is compliance and if Without Rules changes one mind, it has done its job.