News: Without Rules published by Boomslang

Without Rules (ISBN: 9780993015182 price £8.99) by Andrew Field is  published in paperback next month (15 October 2018) by Boomslang.

Protagonist and sexual abuse victim China Mackie can only escape her paedophile father and his gang if she is more ruthless than they are. But she cannot do it alone as she discovers when her original plan backfires — and  leaves a bloodbath on the cold wet streets of an unnamed northern coastal city.  She must improvise and seduce hitman Jak Hart to join forces with her – before she is killed by her increasingly unstable father.

“Without Rules is about two damaged, vulnerable people – China and Jak – who have to do bad things to escape evil. But can the duo – one is an abused mum and the other a former soldier suffering from PTSD –  justify their own actions because of the depravity of the original unpunished crimes?” asked Andrew Field.

“Are they as guilty as the abusers because in reality they are no different from them? That is the moral dilemma at the heart of Without Rules. At what point can we no longer justify fighting fire with fire, if there ever is a point?”

“Without Rules was written in the aftermath of the numerous sex scandals where people were clearly looking the other way rather than protecting children and vulnerable young adults,” said Andrew.

Andrew Field lives, works and plays in Tweedmouth, Northumberland, England, Europe, with his partner, Catherine. 


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