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Writer Buddy Services

They say everyone has a novel inside in them. The difficulty is getting it out. On paper and to market.

Sometimes the plotting and writing are easy. Other times it is like pulling teeth. Writing with an anvil in your lap and a blank screen teasing you to distraction.

We are all different.

If the writing flows, finding an agent and/or a publisher can slow your momentum. Often to a complete standstill.

Many writers sidestep traditional publishing and do it themselves. There are numerous opportunities to self-publish, but finding the best method for you can be tricky.

Whether you go the traditional route or self-publish, you are going to need to PR and market yourself and your books to create sufficient noise to generate sales. Again, it’s much easier if somebody does it for you. Or at least advises you what to do.

In all of the above scenarios, a writing buddy can help alleviate the obstacles standing in your to becoming a successful published author.

I run a writer buddy scheme for independent and unpublished authors wanting support and mentoring to get published. If you want to find out more simply email me to arrange an initial chat to discuss what you want to achieve with your writing and book.